Keep Empowering Yourself

Ms Sidra Jafri

Sidra Jafri was an author, medium, and a sought-after Timeline Specialist. She was known for her incredible ability to dive into the human psyche and address the point of creation of the challenges that kept people stuck. Her passion for making a difference in people’s lives had led her to develop an omnipotent tool, Access Body Consciousness, which not only cleared people’s issues from their mind but also from their emotions and spiritual body.

Her gift was to allow a cellular shift that went beyond intellectual understanding and brought people back to wholeness by releasing painful and traumatic memories from different time frames stored within their physical bodies. As a seeker of truth, she had also developed the ‘9 Principles of Awakening’, which were a foundation to lead a more conscious and awakened life. Sidra discovered and formulated these Principles during her personal years of emotional upheaval, financial struggle and depression.

These simple universal truths changed her life and also empowered thousands of people around the globe to expand their consciousness and transform their struggles into having the freedom to choose their behaviours and live a life of abundance and faith. Sidra continued to spread the magic of Awakening, as an international speaker, transforming human consciousness through her courses and programs across the world. She gifted people the tools and techniques so that they too could create more of what they wanted in their lives, including well-being in their body, mind, and spirit.

The Birth of Sacred Healing Arts

Early in her career, Sidra Jafri was primarily a hypnotherapist and an energy healer. She had the ability to see the point of creation for a client’s challenges but often faced resistance when explaining this to them. She realized that in order to obtain results, she needed to find a different approach to help her clients understand what she was seeing. Sidra decided to create a new modality that her clients would be more open to. She used art as a form of communication and it soon developed into the SHAs that we now know today.
SHAs provide the observer with a colourful space to recognise and reconstruct their mental and emotional space through Dissociative Deductive Learning.  This tool comes from years of research and observation in the field of hypnotherapy, light colour therapy and mind science. The arts reveal a story for the observer to enter, disassociating themselves emotionally, whilst moving into a creative and lighter state of mind. It enables the thoughts of the observer to adopt a wider perspective, with each canvas inviting the on a journey through the stories.