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Key Light Center is a conscious hub that helps individuals choose and experience life from a perspective that brings peace, joy, and prosperity into their daily lives.

Our mission is to empower individuals, guided by the wisdom of our visionary founder, Miss Sidra Jafri, who reminds us: “No amount of prayer and magic can turn our wood into a table; we have to pick up the tools and carve it ourselves. To improve the quality of your life, you must apply the tools and techniques we provide. Our role is to guide and support you in the right direction.

Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming space founded on unconditional love, friendship, and care – an environment that nurtures the mind, heals the heart, and nourishes the soul. We celebrate your successes and support you through life’s various experiences, as we believe life is a journey of growth, exploration, and self-discovery.

Our tools and techniques will help you reduce internal and external conflicts, aligning your mind, body, and spirit to create harmony and balance within. Some of the tools we use include:


Vibrational Linguistics is an innovative tool by Ms Sidra Jafri that helps people to heal by working on your energy and vibration through sound, numbers, colors, and Symbols. What if you could use your vibration to Heal yourself and others, understand your mood swings, have more meaningful conversations, connect with yourself and others at a much deeper level and help heal.


Access Body Consciousness is an omnipotent tool developed by Ms Sidra Jafri, which not only clears peoples’ issues from their mind but also from their emotional and spiritual body. This process allows a cellular shift that goes beyond intellectual understanding and bring people back to wholeness by releasing painful and traumatic memories from different time frames stored within their physical bodies.


Emotion Freedom tapping reduces stress and calms the nervous system. Research has shown that it is effective in addressing pain, phobias, and trauma, among other problems. It can be used to calm anxiety and reduce cravings. It can work on relationship issues, financial burdens, or work-related stress. Whether it is money, relationships, career, health, or body issues, EFT is a powerful technique that can help you get more out of life.

Light Infusion

The Soul Light Infusion helps mends fractures within your soul. As fractures mend, your soul is healing. This special techniques helps your soul regain missing precious lost pieces of itself that may have been pushed away from you in times of struggle, loss, and hardship. It elevates your spiritual force as a light being in this world.


Tarot is a powerful tool to help you break free from the cycle of uncertainty and connect with your inner wisdom. Rather than using tarot as a means of predicting the future, we guide you in using it as a tool for self-reflection, growth, and empowerment. By pulling out a tarot card, you'll tap into your higher self and gain insight into the present moment. You'll discover new perspectives, uncover hidden patterns, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your circumstances.


Meditation is a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with other healing practices to promote greater well-being and inner peace. We're excited to help you explore the benefits of meditation as part of your holistic healing journey. We have variety of pre recorded meditations availble in our conscious wisdom library section. During our 121 sessions we also provide personalized meditation practice tailored to your specific needs followed by a post-meditation discussion to help you integrate the insights and benefits into your daily life.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Events.

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