Keep Empowering Yourself

The Sacred Healing Arts are an art with a difference! How so? Well, these arts are healing arts that appear different for every person that views them. The user can set an intention for an area of their life they want to work on, whether that be a challenge they want to move past or an area they wish to enhance. The art will then reflect this back within the colours and shapes on the canvas, making the unseen seen.

There are two techniques behind the arts that are unique to them. The first, Dissociative Deductive Learning (DDL), enables the viewer to dissociate themself from their situation, so they can view it from a new perspective and therefore change the situation. It’s proved to be an effective and empowering technique for those already using the arts. The second is a variation of an existing therapy. The Light Reflective Transmission (LRT) harnesses the energy of light within the canvas to help heal a person and their environment. It is an upgrade to colour therapy which is responsible for how vibrant and mesmerising the arts are.

Here’s how to use your Sacred Healing Art:

Sit and connect with your art for a few minutes.
Rate how your body, mind, emotions, and energy are feeling on a scale of 0-10 before you begin.
Set an intention, open your mind, and let the art reveal the answer to you.
Decide what intention you would like to experience with your Sacred Healing Art.

An explanation of the images you could see is below, relating these images to the dominant elemental body:

Love / Emotional body – Water element
People, faces, death – they are transmitting healing into your emotional body and helping you release memories that no longer serve you.

Power / Physical body – Earth element
Fairies, trees, landscapes, plants – they are transmitting healing into your physical body. Mother Earth holds all the information from which our bodies are made. The fairies and elemental Kingdom will help you release the past trauma from your bodies and any illness and physical challenges you are facing.

Abundance / Mental body – Air element
Animals, dragons, reptilian creatures – they are transmitting healing into your mental body, revealing your blockages and allowing you to receive the answer by connecting and asking questions to heal your mind.

Purpose / Spiritual body – Fire element
Jesus, Krishna, Mary, Ganesha, St. Germaine or any other being like God forms – they are transmitting healing
into your spiritual body, which will heal any negative karma and help you let go of any unfinished vows, pacts, promises, or agreements that may be holding you back in this life.