Keep Empowering Yourself

Our Mission

» To Touch 3.6 billion people with The Awakening.

» To create a simple easy lifestyle changes that are accessible to all those who have a desire for change.

Our Values

» People matter more than things.
» Forgiveness matters more than righteousness.
» Friendship moves me from victim to victor.
» Love is the basis of all conversations

Our Visionary

Ms. Sidra Jafri

To create a simple easy lifestyle Sidra Jafri was an Author, Medium, and a much sought-after Timeline Specialist. She was known for her incredible ability to dive into the human psyche and address the point of creation of the challenges that keep people stuck. Her passion for making a difference in people’s lives led her to develop an omnipotent tool, Access Body Consciousness, which not only clears peoples’ issues from their minds but also from their emotions and spiritual body. Her gift allowed a cellular shift that goes beyond intellectual understanding and bring people back to wholeness by releasing painful and traumatic memories from different time frames stored within their physical bodies.that are accessible to all those who have a desire for change.

Being a seeker of truth, she also developed the ‘9 Principles of Awakening’, which are a foundation to lead a more conscious and awakened life. Sidra discovered and formulated these Principles during her years of personal emotional upheaval, financial struggle and depression. These simple universal truths changed her life and have also empowered thousands of people around the globe to expand their consciousness and transform their struggles into having the freedom to choose their behaviors and a live a life of abundance and faith.

You can buy Sidra Jafri’s Book Here

Our Facilitor

Zara Jafri

My journey on this path started with my inquisitive behavior. Questions like how what, and why in different facets of life led me to become who I am today. As a healer with more than 7 years of experience, I have learned the knowledge to deal with a range of physical and emotional problems with the tools provided by our visionary. With the ability to heal, teach and care, I aim to help people feel secure in themselves and their capabilities and bring joy to their lives. What I offer is an extremely bespoke service. Having the knowledge and ability to heal using my diverse methods, each of my clients is treated as an individual with their own beliefs and assisted in their concerns with the tools they feel most comfortable with. If you are feeling stuck or looking for a way to deal with your current situation click below to book a session with me and I will be more than happy to assist you.